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Brexit Meeting

Recent a meeting was held in Javea Old Town where 17% of the registered population of over 27,000 are British came together for a meeting.

Attended by the British Consul in Alicante Sarah Jane Morris and the Mayor who assured those attending that the Ayuntamiento of Javea would continue to work for the interests of the expats in Spain.

The biggest message was that British expats wanting to remain in Spain with the same rights they currently enjoy, they must get into the system before the exit date of March 2019.   Those legally living in Spain on that date will continue to enjoy the rights of healthcare, pension and other benefit provisions.   It is also very important that Citizens are registered on the Padron.

Still awaiting more information regarding healthcare and pensions those attending were reassured that no British citizen could be denied healthcare, although we still do not know exactly what cover.  

At the moment there is accord in working towards confirming the rights of British citizens living across the European Union, there is no formal document, there has also been no agreement about the freedom of movement currently enjoyed by citizens and a right which COULD be lost when UK completed its withdrawal next year.  However the British Consul did point out that British people have been coming to live in Spain for more than half a century,  long before the formation of the European Union.  A bilateral agreement between countries will be created to solve issues.

The British Consul will continue to arrange meetins to keep the Expats up to date and in the meantime updates will be posted on the website and will be the first point of reference.

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  Thu 29th Mar 2018