Blog Post Poinsettias and the Christmas Connection


Poinsettias and the Christmas Connection

Do you know why the Poinsettia has a Christmas connection ??

Poinsettias at this time of year are readily given as gifts and always decorate a family house alongside the familiar Christmas Tree.

However, at the end of the festive season consider planting yours in the garden where it can often be grown into a small tree and will give some annual colour.

The Plants are native to Central America, especially in an area of Southern Mexico where they flower during the Winter.  The ancient Aztecs had many uses for them including the flowers which are actually the leaves rather than the flowers.   These can be made into a purple dye and then used for clothes and cosmetics.   The milky white sap was made into medicines to treat fevers.

The plant gained fame in the west due to the first US Ambassador to Mexico and keen hothouse gardener Joel Roberts Poinsett.  He became interested in the plant and sent some back to his home in Carolina from where he sent them to friends and botanical gardens.

Considered by the ancient Aztecs to be symbols of purity,  in todays language of flowers Poinsettias, the December birth flower, is said to symbolise good cheer, success and bring mirth and celebration.


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  Wed 22nd Nov 2017